How to Reduce Stretch Marks Effectively

There are so many women asking the question, “How to Reduce Stretch Marks Fast?” Stretch marks are a common skin disorder affecting millions of individuals in the world today. The majority who are worried about the aesthetic effects of stretch marks are women. They suffer from low self esteem issues due this seemingly harmless skin disorder. Stretch marks don’t cause any complications other than reducing the aesthetic appeal of the skin.

This is why there are millions of women asking the question of how to reduce stretch marks effectively? These harmless marks appear as a result of swift stretching of the skin. This may happen when a person gains or loses weight quickly or during pregnancy. Common places where they appear are thighs, buttocks, stomach, breasts, arms and hips. Stretch marks usually develops on the middle layer (dermis) of the skin. When the skin is stretched suddenly, the collagen gets weak and the elastin starts tearing. This results in the formation of fine scars under the top layer of the skin. They would initially appear as red or pink and turn to a thin silvery line after some time. This article will answer your question of how to reduce stretch marks naturally?

How to Reduce Stretch Marks

How To Reduce Stretch Marks Naturally?


Here are some of the most effective natural treatments to reduce stretch marks.

1/ Sugar – Sugar is considered a natural exfoliant of the human skin. Take a tablespoon of sugar and add a little lemon juice and almond oil into it. Mix it properly and apply on the stretch marks directly. Leave it for 10-20 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. Continue this effective home treatment for at least a month for best results.

2/ Water – Water carries oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body. A properly hydrated skin will help regular detoxification through the skin pores. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day in order to soften the skin and reduce that appearance of stretch marks.

3/ Olive Oil – Olive oil has numerous antioxidants and nutrients. These properties are extremely effective for most of the skin disorders. Warm a bit of olive oil and rub it on to the affected areas. It will help improve the blood circulation in the area and reduce the stretch marks within a reasonable period of time. Continue the treatment method for at least a month for best results.

4. Apricots – Take three apricots and cut them into slices. Remove the seeds in them. Now grind the slices into a paste and apply the paste directly on the stretch marks. Leave the paste for 20 minutes and rinse it off with warm water. Follow the procedure for at least one month for best results.

5. Revitol


Revitol is the most effective natural remedy that help reduce stubborn stretch marks immediately. This is the most potent method compared to all the other remedies stated above. The cream is manufactured with 100% natural ingredients. It is quite affordable too. This is why there are so many people touting the effectiveness of the cream. Revitol includes all-natural ingredients like vitamin A, E, C, D3, grapefruit seed extract and aloe vera. These ingredients help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, which promotes the growth of new skin cells. This will help reduce stretch marks fast while preventing new ones from forming.

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