Do Eyelashes Grow Back Easily

What if you lose your eyelashes someday in your life? Just imagine you looking in the mirror one day and finding a significant of amount of your natural eyelashes missing! The first question to come to your mind is do eyelashes grow back? If you are missing a significant amount of your natural eyelash, you should keep on reading this post. First things first, YES, eyelashes grow back. But it takes a very long time, and you need to care for them properly. Anyone undergoing a similar situation will know how stressful it is. Your dull eyes will be noted by your peers, and could be the talk among them. It can result in self-esteem issues at times. This is why it is important to find effective means to grow your eye lashes immediately.


Why are eyelashes important?


Eyelashes are a kind of hair that grows at the end of the eyelids. Do not confuse these for eyebrows because eyebrows are the hair that grows over the eyes. Eyelashes protect the exposed human eyes from dust and other foreign particles. They play an important part in enhancing the beauty of women. Long, dark and thick eyelashes are a dream comes through of any woman. They can fall due to disease, unhealthy food habits, stress, lack of sleep and itching. Diseases such as Madarosis, flaky skin around the eyes and itching can result in these components falling completely after some time.

How to grow eyelashes

How to grow longer eyelashes?


If you are wondering how to get longer eyelashes, you need to give your eye-lashes proper nutrition, enough sleep, reduce tobacco & alcohol, use top notch eye-lash makeup products, reduce stress in your life, and use the best eyelash growth product that stimulates them to grow faster. Depending on your eating habits and lifestyle, the eye-lashes may grow from 3-6 months. But the correct eyelash growth product or serum can help them grow within a couple of weeks. This is why it is important to choose a high quality eye-lash growth product on the market. The best eye-lash products will stimulate your eyelashes to grow within the shortest possible time.

Do eyelashes grow back

What is Idol Lash?


Idol Lash is an eyelash enhancer or a growth serum that helps grow your eye-lashes naturally and faster. Idol Lash is quite popular among celebrities and famous models in the world. The secret of their beautiful and thick eyelashes is nothing but Idol Lash. The product has undergone extensive testing and clinically proven to help grow your lashes within 2-3 weeks. A clinical trial was conducted not so long ago using Idol Lash to grow eyelashes of women who did not have them. The results were measured using a scientific tool called Sigma-Scan. Measurements were taken on day 14, 28 and 42. The results were quite astonishing where the growth was round 45% on day 14, 66% on day 28 and 72% on day 42. As you see, the growth starts within 2 weeks and maximizes within the 6th week.



Idol Lash comes with 100% natural ingredients that are not harmful to your eyes or skin. The main ingredients include Chamomile Extract, Alfalfa Extract, Kelp Extract, Nettle Extract and Honey Extract. These 100% natural ingredients help maintain the moisture absorbing capacity of lashes, thicken and make the hair dense. Nettle helps strengthen the shaft of the hair and accelerates the growth process at its root. This extract has been used to cure female baldness for centuries. Kelp extract is packed with numerous essential vitamins, iodine, calcium and laminaria angustata, which helps stimulate the hair growth and keep the lashes fuller. The product is also great to grow your eyebrows. Idol Lash has been creating quite a buzz on the market since recently. There are hundreds of positive reviews and testimonials about the product on numerous online forums.


How to get longer eyelashes


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