Effective Boil Treatments

A boil starts as a simple skin infection in a hair follicle or oil gland of the skin. The skin would turn red at the first instance, and when the condition worsens a tender lump would develop in the area. This lump starts turning white when pus collects under the skin within four to seven days of the boil. The most common places for boils to occur includes the face, neck, shoulders, armpits and the buttocks. If a boil is formed in the eyelid, it is referred to as a sty.

Boils treatment

The major cause of boils is germ called staphylococcal bacteria. This germ enters the body through tine cuts or nicks in the skin. They can even travel to the hair follicles of the skin through the hair on the skin. The main symptom is a hard, red and painful lump. Boils are quite embarrassing when seen on prominent places on the skin. Many individuals suffer from low self-esteem conditions due to more prominent boils on their skin. This is why it is important to learn how to treat boils effectively.

Symptoms of Boils


A boil is a hard red lump, which is about half an inch in size and quite painful. Within the next few days, it becomes soft, larger and more painful. A pocket of pus will form on it very soon. More boils can spread around the original one. Lymph nodes may become swollen and you my have a slight fever. This is why the right boil treatment is extremely important at the beginning of the condition.


Boil treatment

Boils Treatment: Home Remedies For Boils


  • Soak the boil in warm water while applying warm compresses on it. This will help decrease the pain and draw the pus out of the boil. The boil will eventually burst with repeated soakings. This will happen within 10-days of its appearance. When this happens, take a warm clothe and soak out the excess moisture from the boil.
  • When the draining occurs, wash the area with an anti-bacterial soap. Once all the pus has gone away, clean it with a clothe soaked in a drop of alcohol. Apply a topical antibiotic and wrap it with a bandage. Never pop the boil with a needle as it can worsen the condition.
  • Turmeric is a natural purifier for boils. It has anti-inflammatory properties. Make a paste using turmeric and fresh ginger and apply it on the boil twice a day.
  • Tea tree oil is considered an effective antiseptic for all types of skin ailments including boils. Apply a few drops of tea tree oil directly on the boil twice a day.
  • Castor oil is considered another effective boils treatment.  Place a few drops of castor oil on a cotton ball and place it directly on the boil. This will help draw the poison out of the boil effectively.

The aforementioned are some of the most effective boil treatment methods out there. But they take a long time to heal the condition. Since most individuals are embarrassed with boils on prominent places on their skins, they need a more speedier method to heal boils on their skin. This is where Boilx comes in handy.

What Is BoilX?


BoilX is a tried and tested homeopathic remedy for healing all types of boils for good. Whether you are experiencing boils for the first time or you have been suffering from this embarrassing condition for ages, BoilX will do the trick for you. It is quite easy to use and affordable, and will deal with the boil from inside out. You will not have to suffer from those embarrassing and painful boils anymore.

Homeopathy has become the standard in treating every form of imbalance, infection or disease in your body. The philosophy behind homeopathy is very similar to how nature acts in curing any kind of ailment. The idea is that when ailments are treated by creating like symptoms, the body will rise up to the occasion and strengthens itself to eliminate the invader creating the imbalance in the body. This is why BoilX is so effective in treating boils permanently. Also, homeopathic remedies work both inside and outside the body to defeat the invader. This is where it differs from other medications which treat only the external appearance of the boil.

Echinacea angustifolia  is a 100% natural ingredient in BoilX. It will strengthen the immune system and help the body fight off the bacteria that is causing the boils in the first place. Calcarea picric contains picric acid for astringent and antiseptic properties. This will help accelerate the process of skin repair after injury. Hepar sulphur is another important natural ingredient in the solution that treats the  suppurating glands. Mercurius corrosives helps treat soreness of the affected skin. This is why BoilX is considered a TOTAL SOLUTION to all types of boils on the skin.

How to treat boils

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