Effective Asthma Home Remedies

Millions of people around the word suffer from the dreaded disease of asthma. It interrupts the day to day lives of these people creating havoc in their social lives, too. This is why millions are searching for ways to control symptoms of asthma for good. It is a chronic lung disease that narrows and inflames the airways. The condition causes recurring periods of wheezing, tightness in the chest, coughing and shortness of breath in a person. Asthma is characterized with a cough in the early mornings or late evenings.

Asthma home remedies

It affects all ages of people. These people suffer with swollen and sensitive airways when they are affected with an asthmatic condition. Cells in the airways may produce more mucus than usual when you are suffering with asthma. Mucus is a stick substance that can further narrow the airways making it difficult to breathe.

Symptoms of Asthma


Home remedies for asthma

  • Severe cough
  • Shortness of breath that gets worse with physical activities
  • Chest pain and nasal flaring
  • Wheezing and abnormal breathing patterns where breathing out becomes faster
  • Tightness in the chest and breathing temporarily stops at times
  • Intercostal retractions or pulling in of the skin between the rib areas when breathing

Causes of Asthma


The root cause of asthma is poorly understood. There are scientific experiments still going on in this area. Scientists believe the condition to be partly inherited. Human lungs are sensitive to substances such as pollen, strong chemicals and dust mites. People suffering from asthma have lungs that are more sensitive than the average lung.   Common triggers of asthma include animal dander, ragweed pollen, cockroach particles, smoke, mold and house dust mites. Asthma can be triggered with non-allergic substances such as strong smells, laughing or crying hard, vigorous exercises, sudden breath of cold air and viral infections such as common colds and flu.

Effective Asthma Home Remedies


As you already know, asthma cannot be cured permanently but managed effectively. However, most children who are suffering from asthma get over it permanently once they reach puberty. This is why most health experts believe it to be a psychosomatic disease that is caused due to psychological issues in childhood. However, asthma can be effectively managed with the correct asthma home remedies. People who are suffering from this disease should pay close attention so that effective asthma management is possible with natural home remedies for asthma.


Asthma management

In fact, Dr. Anju Peters, MD, associate professor and asthma specialist in the division of allergy/immunology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago confirms that more than 40% of suffers have had positive results with asthma home remedies. This is where an effective homeopathy asthma treatment named “Asthma Mist” comes in handy.

What is Asthma Mist?


Asthma Mist is a 100% natural homeopathic treatment that relieves the symptoms of asthma for good. It conquers the condition without any side effects at all. There are so many sufferers who have controlled their condition for good thanks to this natural product. The specially formulated ingredients would directly flow into the bloodstream of the sufferer. The sufferer only needs to spray the product under his or her tongue three times a day. The rest is taken care of by the effective ingredients in Asthma Mist.

Homeopathy has been found to be an effective alternative way to treat asthma and a lot of similar conditions. Many people are shifting towards this branch of medicine since it is proven to cure so many diseases that cannot be cured by western medicine. The natural ingredients in the product include Belladonna, Blatta Orientalis, Kali Carbonicum, Lobelia Inflata, Arsenicum Album and Silicea Terra.

How Does Asthma Mist Work?


The homeopathic spray would deliver these effective ingredients directly to the bloodstream of the asthma sufferer. The ingredients go to work immediately in relieving the inflammation and mucus in the airways. The ingredients in the product have been tested and proven to work effectively with all conditions related to the lungs. In fact, the effective ingredients have been used in many other homeopathic solutions that treat lung conditions. The patient will feel an immediate relief as soon as the effective ingredients start working inside the airways. This is why Asthma Mist is considered one of the most effective asthma home remedies  available today.

Home remedy for asthma

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